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Young Guns – A Daytrotter Session

Daytrotter has now officially released their sessions for Young Guns!

Listen to the session on Daytrotter

"Young Guns, a group from Buckinghamshire, England, finds itself of this mind, writing nothing about the trivial parts of existing, but of the ancient struggles that man has always grappled with. They are the ideas of war, the problems of the psyche and the sensation of being nothing more than a peanut in the turd that the universe pooped out once and left steaming in the tall grass somewhere." - Daytrotter

Wind-up Artists Chart @ Billboard’s “Best of 2012”

We had an impressive amount of charters at Billboard's "Best of" lists for 2012 including Seether, Evanescence and James Durbin...check it out!

Rock Albums

James Durbin – Memories of a Beautiful Disaster

Evanescence – Evanescence


Rock Songs

Seether – Here & Now

Seether – Tonight

Seether – No Resolution

Evanescence – What You Want


Top Rock Artists



Hard Rock Albums

Seether – HOTSBLTF

Evanescence – Evanescence


Hard Rock Album Artists



Top 200 Albums

Evanescence – evanescence

Win the Wind-up Records Catalog – part 2!

Well, aren't you lucky! Due to the overwhelmingly positive response of this giveaway, we've decided to extend this contest to give away a second prize pack of the Wind-up Records catalog! Just enter your email address below for a chance to win!

Winner will be chosen on January 17, 2013

Young Guns Interview

How did Young Guns album "Bones" get written? The guys stopped by offices and told the story. Click the READ MORE button below, or click the link now.