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Strange Talk Feature on Baeble Music

"...the band's upcoming, American debut for Wind Up Records, Cast Away (Due October 8th) and it's a doozy, jumping about like ping pong balls in a lotto machine. You can't win if you don't play though so give today's Single Serving offering a spin." Check out what else Baeble Music had to say about Strange Talk here:


Filter Interview with Fuse TV

Want to know more about Filter's new album?  Leadman Richard Patrick and guitarist Jonathan Radtke discuss this and The Sun Comes Out Tonight, among others.  Check out their interview with Fuse TV right here!


Filter & Indiegogo Bring Fans Unique Live Experience

To celebrate the release of their sixth album, The Sun Comes out Tonight,  and to raise money for a world tour, Filter launched an Indiegogo campaign. Fans can purchase "perks" like a signed CD, coffee with singer Richard Patrick, or even a Filter VIP combo pack which includes VIP access before, during and after a show of choice, a signed guitar, a  gold vinyl, and more. Check out their campaign for even more one of a kind VIP experiences. All the money raised will go directly toward the tour.

The more money raised, the more epic the tour, so go get your "perks" today.