Celebrate The 10-Year Anniversary of Fallen with Amazon MP3

We're super excited about the 10-year anniversary of Evanescence's Fallen. Amazon mp3 is celebrating right along with us! Go check out their list of Evanescence's top albums, along with videos and downloads!

Follow Wind-up on…

Wind-up fans - there is a great music app we use called Soundtracking. It allows you to share some of your fav. tracks with friends in a unique way. We want to share those tracks with you. You can easily follow us on Soundtracking and see what the team here is listening to.


Catch The Virginmarys LIVE on Daytrotter!

The Virginmarys will be performing an acoustic set via Daytrotter and they’re inviting you guys to listen in! Log on to and join the band during their LIVE stream from the studio on 2/28 at 12pm EST!